Thursday, September 5, 2013

Go Green, Help the Environment

Eating green is the most significant single action we can all do to combat global warming just because it is a routine that all human beings share.

Undoubtedly, going for locally-sourced foods can help save Mother Earth as it does away with the climate-change impacts of transporting these goods. Getting your fresh foods from the local farm nearest you will mean less carbon footprints.  Moreover, your healthy food be even less expensive than those available in grocery stores.

Our diet is indeed killing us, and it's killing the planet too. Because of the past-paced lives that we lead, individuals often go for processed meat products and other ready-to-eat options in the grocery stores. While some of that quantity gets thrown away, most is consumed long before it can go stale on the shelves.

The population is now bordering on obesity.  And once a person's weight is on all-time high, that individual's risk of  contacting cancer, diabetes, obesity, heart disease etc.  also increases.  Eating nitrite-treated meats have been found to cause diabetes and colon cancer.  As such, meat eaters  should ease up on their meat consumption by scheduling meatless days in a week.  
By moderating animal protein and preserved meats consumption, you make yourself healthier.  Cutting back on meat consumption also helps the environment as it is the highest resource-intensive food. Half pound of beef daily is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by a car travelling every 38 miles. 

Do the ecosystem and your body a great deal of good by eating green.  Join the green lifestyle eaters who take less of a chunk of environment that manufacturing millions of animal product.

With less demand for animal produce, you save a few animals from being slaughtered indiscriminately by factory farming. There will be less greenhouse methane gas from animal manure to pollute lands and rivers.

Our food and health choices really do have a profound effect on the planet we live in. By simply making an effort to eat green, you will be surprised at how big you can contribute as an individual. Going vegan for life will be a meaningful environmental choice ultimately.

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